Dave Donovan
Coyne & Company Insurance
Gerry Waller
Cruise Planners of Park Ridge
Dream Vacation Specialist
Wes Davis
Davis & Associates
Focus on Better Aging for all ages.
Insurance agent:  
        Explain Medicare Programs and Options available.
        Help people choose and enroll in Supplements and Drug Plans, or Advantage Plans.
   Self-Care Advocate
        Explain environmental issues and the impact on our health.
        Help people develop a healthier environment in the home and office.
Gail Haller
Park Ridge Chamber of Commerce
Executive Director
Anne Scallon
Park Ridge Neighbors Magazine - Anne Scallon
Park Ridge Neighbors Magazine provides a strategic
connection for your business to be visible and accesible with engaged, influential and affluent decision makers. The magazine highlights families, individuals, arts, charities, local shops and restaurants, sports, health and fitness. It is a must reader for the Park Ridge residents!
Stacey LaTona
PNC Financial / PNC Bank
Ashley Berke
Mutual of Omaha Advisors: Ashley M. Berke
Early on, Ashley immersed herself in her communities by volunteering with her church, serving as an election judge, and introducing her son to the many opportunities her park district has to offer. She is fortunate to be able to raise her son in the same home both her and her father were. Raised by her father and grandmother, Ashley learned early on the importance of family. In January 2018, her grandmother was moved permanently into a nursing home after a hospital stay that was expected to be temporary. Two months later, her father was hospitalized for 3 weeks and later diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. Ashley's world seemed to have turned upside. She moved back home with her son and partner to care for her father, enjoying quality time with her family, training her new rescue pup, Lucy, teaching her son how to enjoy life technology-free, and challenging her father to make healthy lifestyle changes while supporting him through his “Golden Years”.